Coalition to abolish ACNC and repeal charity definition

ACNC – dead-end or too early to tell?

Speculation about the future of the ACNC came up at a recent Board meeting, and again at a business gathering on Friday. No need to speculate any more, the Coalition has stated it will roll back the establishment of the Australian Charities and NFPs Commission and accompanying reforms, if it forms a Government.

The Coalition’s typically hyperbolic claim that: “The ACNC is predicated on the belief that Australia’s charities and not-for-profits are doing something inherently wrong and need greater government oversight,” is patently untrue.

The sector had been asking for greater consistency and the original proposals paving the way for the ACNC were welcomed with some optimism. 

However, sadly, but also predictably, so far the ACNC has underwhelmed with its early delivery. And it’s also true, so far the ACNC has resulted in more administrative overhead, rather than less.

I’m interested in what others think: is the current ACNC a dead-end or is it just too early to see any real results from such an ambitious reform agenda? Please post your comments below. I also posted a poll in the LinkedIn NFP WA group and will report back with the results.

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