McCain (not so) sweet potato superfries

Why does the McCain sweet potato superfries ad annoy me so much, every time I see it?

First reason: if you’re thinking ‘what the hell is he on about’ that pretty much speaks for itself.

Confronting the modern sweet potato

This chip is threatening my reality

Second reason: it’s lazy. There’s a stereotypical baby boomer dad who’s stuck in his ways and doesn’t want to try anything new. Yawn. And there’s an attempt to generate some dramatic tension in the form of a feisty young daughter who won’t take no for an answer as she forces this old dinosaur to confront the modern reality of… sweet potato chips. And a long-suffering mum who rolls her eyes knowingly because she knows what’s coming, she’s been down this path so many times she doesn’t even bother saying anything any more (as have we, in a million other adverts).

Third reason: if I put a plate of food in front of someone and their response was: “What do you call these? What’s wrong with the old version? Well it had better taste just as good,” I would take my plate of food and give it to someone who’s more appreciative and less rude.

I don’t have any statistical evidence but it feels like his kind of casual, off-hand rudeness is becoming increasingly common in media. I think it’s particularly driven by American TV. For example, next time you watch your favourite US cop show, notice how many transactions take place without any exchange of please or thank you.

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7 Responses to McCain (not so) sweet potato superfries

  1. Lorena Paglia says:

    You know which ad really annoys me? The napisan ad etc – why is it the woman’s responsibility to do the washing all the time? As if she (or he for that matter) wouldn’t notice a massive stain on a shirt before going to get the cheesy 80’s brady bunch style family photo taken (modern photography is perfectly aok); and if my child had just been playing with his food which resulted in grease all over his shorts and the floor, he’d get a pretty swift verbal slap in the head for being so unappreciative of his food and then he’d have to scrub his own clothes.

    The napisan ad – it inspires mass frustration in me.

  2. I love the phrase ‘pretty swift verbal slap in the head’ – it’s very descriptive… and a skill every parent needs to master. I can see you being a great mum.

  3. Greg says:

    The panic in the sons eyes that dad might skitz out and kill them all if he doesn’t like the orange chips. Who is like that? Anyone who really is like these people in this ad deserve to be shot.

  4. Adrian says:

    love it that i am not the only person who hates the ad.

    i jsut find the dad to be so rude

  5. Thanks guys – I vaguely noticed they’ve started running these ads again. I think I’ve been subconsciously tuning them out. Orange sweet potato chips spark family crisis. Come on. Get real.

  6. Christi says:

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